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Community meeting arranged

After reviewing all the responses the most accessible date and time is Friday the 7th March 2014 at 18:30, I have booked the community hall adjacent St James Church, Wyesham for the meeting.

The meeting will be to update everyone on the current position, discuss any ideas or queries and to form a steering group to look after the woodland going forward.

Please pass this onto anyone else who may be interested, I look forward to meeting you there , if you have any queries or items for discussion before then please don’t hesitate to contact me


Richard Garner
11 Wyesham Avenue
NP25 3NE 

Tel. 01600460102


Check out the facebook page at:


Community meeting organising

I have spoken with the community hall adjacent St James church and they are available to book for the following dates and times:
3rd March – 7th March Monday to Wednesday afternoons not evenings, and Thursday and friday evenings.

If you are interested in having an update as to where things are currently, discuss the various options available and to get a steering group started then please let me know your preferred dates and times by Monday (24th Feb) so that I can book the venue and get it advertised as widely as possible. Thanks everyone