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News: felling in wood

The council have carried out some long planned felling near the bus shelter entrance to give back some residents their views. The timber has been into around 30 manageable lengths at 2 metre lengths from 3 inches to a foot in diameter. The manager has said that the community can make use of the wood for whatever purpose it deems fit. As we have no long term plan at the moment it is probably best moved to a secure location for the time being. As such does anyone know where this could be stored? On a slightly different note, the wood chippings have been left on site, if anyone is willing we can move this to cover the wetter areas of the wood? Cheers everyone

S106 grant application a success and general update

The application for funding was agreed at Monmouthshire County Councils, Cabinet Meeting, on the 4th June 2014, and passed calling in, on the 14th. We have been awarded £21,000 of the £22,120 applied for.  As soon as I recieve full details of what the next steps are we will need to call a meeting/hold a dicsussion on the way forward.  Minutes of meeting and Decision log available here:

I have been in contact with Renew Wales and signed up for their mentoring scheme, which will provide invaluable support to the community,  towards, amongst other things, managing the woodland over the long term.  website:   

The next step whilst waiting on the s106 application details is to come up with a  name for the woodland, a few ideas, already out in the community are:  Wyesham woods, Wyesham Community woodland, Claypatch woods, Brickyard woods, Doggy field 😉 etc
once we have a few neames together I will put together a survey.

thanks all