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Update from Planning Meeting 26/09/2017

Present – Richard Garner, Kirk Hill, Bryan Miller, Daphne Evans, Grace Line, Joe Atkinson, Kirsty Garner

Apologies – Rosemary Hughes, Steve Vickers, Gail & Andy Raynor, Kelly Jackson-Graham
Rosemary is happy to volunteer, Steve has expressed that the cubs (age 8-11) are interested in being involved.
1.       Update – Richard
The path resurfacing work is due to commence 27/09/2017 – notices are up on the woodland gates. Two tenders were received and the contract was awarded to D&M landscaping. The cost is approx £15,000 which is funded by the section 106 grant money (will be released by MCC).
·         Bryan is preparing an application for a grant from the Town Council for equipment and tools.
·         Need to speak to residents who back onto the woods about the felling programme and whether they have any concerns/requests. Please can all those who are happy to help with this let us know.
2.       Plans for winter/spring
·         Felling to commence in November. Signs will be needed for the gates/noticeboards (Kirsty)
·         Chainsaw insurance should be in place for January next year.
·         We hope to recoup a small amount of money to the project by selling the felled wood. Once the felling begins (November onwards) we need to ensure that collection is arranged. There are three potential contractors but if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.
·         Once volunteers are trained, we should be able to run more frequent/informal sessions for felling over the winter, as availability allows.
·         Removal of tree stumps in pond area (Richard to contact contractors on school to progress this– Interserve)
·         Removal of hedge on road boundary to be replaced by post and rail fence. Funding is still available through the s21 grant (Richard to liaise with Monmouthshire County Council). In spring the woodland project will progress with hedge planting.
3.       Activities for working party Sunday 8th October
·         Marking trees for felling programme – Richard, Joe, Kirk, Bryan. Use orange spray for those to be felled by MCC and yellow for those to be felled by the working parties.
·         Clearing fire breaks (Richard to check whether tools are available).
·         Litter Picking
·         Craft for kids – campfire and toasting marshmallows. Some autumn themed crafts (depending who is available to assist) such as leaf mobiles/garlands that can be left up in the woods, leaf rubbings etc.
4.       Activities for working party in November
·         Training volunteers for tree felling and commencing this work
5.       Dog Fouling/Litter/fly tipping/damage
·         Dog Fouling seems to have got worse recently. Various solutions were proposed, including signage, red card scheme and a central bin which would require volunteers to empty into the top and bottom bins on a regular basis. Richard to contact Sue Parkinson, MCC, regarding red card scheme.
·         There have been reports of residents leaving green waste from their gardens in the woodland. Potential for a Community Composting scheme was discussed. Bryan to ask Transition Monmouth if anything local.
·         Potential to involve the school in designing posters regarding litter and dog fouling.
·         Recognised that local children would like to be able to have some mountain bike trails/jumps and there have been issues with paths being dug up etc. Richard has asked for a feasibility study into a small trail to focus this activity, this would need to involve the local children who use the woods.
6.       Woodland Name
The voting so far has indicated that Claypatch Woods and Wild Woods are the preferred names. As the previous primary  school were involved in planting the woodland, it would be great to involve them in naming the woodland. This could be through the school council. Grace to contact the school

Path Resurfacing

Work commenced today (27th September 2017) on resurfacing the paths around the woodland.

Some paths will be unavailable whilst this is ongoing, but the woodland will remain open. Users of the woodland are asked to adhere to any safety signage and directions from workers on site.

If you have any queries please contact or 01600 460 102

Planning Meeting – September 2017

We are holding a planning meeting to agree the programme of work for the next few months next week, all welcome.

The meeting will be at 7.30pm, Tuesday 26th September, Woodland View Community Room, Wyesham.

There is WiFi in the building so if anyone is unable to attend but would like to be involved through facebook messenger, just let us know!

Also if you are unable to attend but have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to discuss and feed back.