Monthly Archives: February 2018

Plan for year ahead

After a good planning session last month we now have an initial plan for the season ahead. The notes are below:

Meeting Sunday 14th January

Bryan, Kirsty, Richard, Joe, Aileen, Renie, Helen, Waltraud, Barry, Peter, Pin, Alys, Rosemary, Sue + 4 children


This season working party dates

February 4th
March 4th
April TBC
May 6th
June 2nd – preparation for the big lunch
June 3rd BIG LUNCH
July 1st

Dates for felling

It was decided that dates of weekends would be set for felling and emailed out to volunteers to obtain who is available.
RICHARD to email out weekend dates and schedule volunteer

It was discussed that help was needed with the maintaining of emails and some administration within the group, thank you to everyone who has helped so far. Renie has volunteered to help with administration.
KIRSTY to show RENIE how to maintain emails and both to work in administration together.

Upcoming and whats happening

  • Firepit : the firepit needs finalising in design, formers to be build and logs to be made as permanent structure.
  • Benches: we will need to be contacting NRW and arrange collection of large logs to turn into benches, these will then need splitting and siting.
  • Boundary at the top of the woodland: The boundary at the top of the woodland will need clearing and replacing with post and rail.
    RENIE to contact contractors to obtain price and availability, include Usk College to use as a training session.
  • Hedge planting- this will need to be arranged after the post and rail installation
  • Monmouth Flood Works – Atkins are assessing the flood scheme within monmouth and will be looking at the woodland
    BRYAN attending meeting
  • Fruit Trees – we have been offered 10 fruit trees from Transition Monmouth, we will look at planting these on the border of Claypatch and Ridgeway to create a small community orchard. We will need to talk to residence to inform them what is going on.
  • Gate at the bottom of the woods- a new post is to be ordered for the gate at the bottom of the woodland via MCC
    RICHARD to arrange post
  • Bins – HELEN to speak to Sue Perkinson about obtaining new bins for rubbish and dog poo. It was also discussed that a central drop bin for dog poo should be instated in the middle of the woodland to increase convenience and hope to tackle the poo situation.
  • Money – we do have some funding left and it was discussed about installing a wild flower meadow on the edge of the field, we need to find a way of boundary marking until it is established, ideas welcome.
  • Volunteers – it has been discussed that we are only reaching out to a few people within wyesham and it would be great to get the older community involved within the project. It has been mentioned that they do not feel they can come along because it’s a family affair, we need to break down this stigma Everyone to talk to people, get the project known about and invite people along to join us.
  • Big Garden Bird Watch- it was suggested we may wish to get involved with this. KIRSTY to obtain information and research what is involved.

Next planning meeting 6th February 7pm at the woodland stores. (Any changes will be announced on the facebook page and via email)