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  2. Hunter

    Great ideas. The whole patch could really be used as a place to encourage wildlife, especially bugs and birds. A pond and wildflower meadow would be right along those lines, and we could include bird and bat boxes, bee homes, etc as well, and perhaps bird feeding stations throughout the year.

  3. Rachel James

    Great , will help anyway I can .My garden is very close by and already ecourages wildlife as much as possilble . Easier access would make the whole thing better and more useable for everyone.

  4. Rachel James

    I have been thinking about what else could be done . If we have enough of the community involved we could have an orchard, possible get the local bee keepers involved and long term produce our own honey ,the profits of which could be put back into the local community. Also the scouts could get involved so instead of using the car park as a activities area they could use the field – there could also be an outdoor activity area for community b-b-q’s etc. You could even have some livestock eg chickens and pigs, Looked after on a rota basis by those invoved and again selling the produce and putting back into community. The schools need to be involved to teacher children the produce cycle of food and have to respect the environment . There are so many things possible ,hopefully the community will get involved. Prehaps some local celebrity could get invoved to further the profile of the project. EG Kate Humble .see her web site . or email

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